The Death Penalty

Some years ago the United States Supreme Court struck down the death penalty as unconstitutional. Many arguments by many people were used by the opponents and proponents for the death penalty. Those who argued for it did so using moral and Biblical points to support this position. The opponents used human reasoning, part of which was the claim that capital punishment is cruel and inhuman treatment, and that no offense warranted it. Since that time, states wishing to reinstate the death penalty have had an uphill battle. In some states the death penalty is again law, but only for certain crimes. When a criminal is convicted and sentenced to die, there are so-called public interest individuals and groups who do their best to have the death sentence overturned. The process is long and costly; our judicial system is weakened and the criminal exalted. The forces of Satan have done their job well in weakening the judicial system and the abolishing of the death penalty. In spite of Satanic efforts, there remains a judicial system and death penalty that cannot and will not be changed. Please allow me to explain. . . .


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