The Gift Of Life

Did you know that there are thousands of people whose life is fleeting for want of an organ transplant? They wait, and wait, and wait, wondering if the gift of life they so desperately need will ever come, and will it come in time? One person may be suffering from kidney failure, while another needs a liver or other transplant. Someone dies in one state and his organs are donated – the recipient of this gift of life may live in the same state, or another state. With great urgency the desperately needed organ is transported to the recipient! The majority of the time the two people involved have never met, and yet through the death of one person, another gets a new lease on life. How grateful that person must be, but how does one thank the deceased donor? Even with a new lease on life the recipient will, however, eventually die as all humans must.

Are you aware that there are millions of people with a terminal condition, a condition that, with the proper treatment, can be cured? . . .


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