Death Unexpected

IN a song titled, “Death Unexpected,” the song writer wrote these words,  “…death unexpected, I surely was surprised, …” Death unexpected, it happens when one least expects it! A new-born child is put in its crib for a nap, never to awaken again. A young child playing in a street is struck by a moving vehicle or a stray bullet from a street gang fight. A teenager overdoses on drugs, or dies in an automobile accident while out “joy riding” with some friends. A policeman or firefighter is killed in the line of duty, a construction worker on the job, or someone sitting in the quietness of their home – death unexpected! A terrorist’s bomb, or just a heart attack -death unexpected! You name it, it happens all the time – death unexpected! It happens without warning often when one is in the prime of life and the future, humanly speaking, looks bright, but there it is – death unexpected! Unannounced, unwanted, unprohibited! Standing as a monument to the grim reminder of death is the graveyard, a perpetual testimony to the mortality of mankind. Death unexpected, no respecter of person regardless of wealth, fame, education, societal influence, etc. When death unexpected comes calling, all must answer and yield.

Death unexpected, we cannot prevent it from happening, but we can be prepared for it when it does. How? By trusting Jesus Christ as personal Saviour. Those who have repented of sin and received Christ as Saviour are prepared for physical death, for they know they are forgiven and saved, and at death though the body is placed in the ground, their eternal soul will forever be with God in Heaven (2 Co. 5:6-8). For the Christian, death is not to be feared, for it has no hold – it is a vanquished foe (1 Co. 15:53-55). How can this be?. . .


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