Our History

The History Of Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press

entrance to print shop

entrance to print shop

Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press, Inc., was founded in April 1995, by Richard after having served for three and one-half years as Director of Printing for a missionary organization.

Established as a religious, nonprofit corporation under the Laws of the State of Maryland, Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press, Inc. has its operations located on the property of the Maranatha Baptist Church of Elkton, Maryland. Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press, Inc. has its own Board of Directors, Constitution and By-Laws, and has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt organization under 501(c)(3). The date of incorporation was April 12, 1995. The ministry prints in 18 languages and has grown into a worldwide outreach.

As time permits, Richard is available for meetings to present the ministry of Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press in independent, fundamental Baptist churches that use only the King James Bible.

print shop from front

print shop from front

As a Fundamental Baptist printing ministry, Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press, Inc. may be seen in a three-fold manner, The Purpose, The People, and The Plan.

THE PURPOSE, simply stated, is to provide a facility for the publication of the Gospel message and related materials.

THE PEOPLE includes Fundamental, Independent Baptist missionaries and supporting churches who use only the Authorized Version of 1611, holding to the position that it is God’s preserved Word in English, and that ALL other English translations are corrupt. Bible translations in other languages must be based on the Received Text (TR).


THE PLAN is really quite simple. Since most missionaries, and many Fundamental, Baptist churches cannot afford to pay commercial print shop rates, PFBP endeavors to provide these services below the retail printing rate. Assistance is provided for design and layout, ink and stock selection, and typesetting is done using Adobe PageMaker and Adobe InDesignTM.

P.O. Box 1832
Elkton, MD 21922
Telephone: 410/620-2697