Time & Eternity

“What’s the hurry? I have plenty of time,” someone may say. Alas though, as he lingers, timecontinues to march on, at a snail’s pace, but nonetheless, continuing onward. Time – though not seen, still it exists; though not heard, yet its presence is felt, for all experience it. Timemay be measured by clocks and calendars, but it cannot be harnessed nor restrained. Though the clocks may be stopped, the seconds continue to pass by, unimpeded. As time advances onward, its course never changing, eternity awaits its arrival. Eternity – it has no beginning or end, for it is infinite. In the eternal state, time has no meaning, for it ceases to exist – it is consumed by eternity. Sooner or later for all of mortal mankind, time runs out as eternity beckons. No matter what the status of an individual’s life, time and eternity wait for no man! . . .


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