The Price Of A Soul

price of a soulDOWN through the ages there have been many items that man has termed as being “priceless,” or invaluable. Priceless objects have a variety of forms. For instance, to a stamp collector a certain stamp is so rare that it is “priceless.” To a coin collector a certain coin is so rare that it is “priceless.” To the art collector a certain piece of art, and to a book collector a certain book, and so on. In some cases a person will risk everything, even his own life to obtain that “priceless” object.

Perhaps the most universal and cherished “priceless” object of all is freedom. Nations go to war, committing all they have, literally, just to preserve their freedom – it is “priceless.” Husbands and sons, and in some cases even daughters and mothers, go forth to fight and die for their freedom – it is “priceless.”

Of all the “priceless” objects, none are eternal, for sooner or later they will pass away.

There is one other “priceless” object that we have not mentioned. It is not only “priceless,” it is eternal. This object has had a life given and blood shed for it. What is it? The eternal soul of a human being. Your eternal soul! . . .


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