The Maze Of Life

maze of lifeHave you ever tried to do a maze puzzle? It’s one of those puzzles where you go in one end, and try to find the way out. You go way, only to find a dead end, so you try another, sometimes backtracking in an effort find the correct route. There’s only one way through the maze and you have to try every option available.

Well, here you are, in this “maze” of life seeking the source of true contentment and happiness. You’ve already tried other routes, all of which ended with disappointment and a dead end. “Another route,” you say to yourself, “I’ll try another way!” The way of material things – “If I can only buy that new car, dress, suit, boat, etc., then I’ll be satisfied.” And so you did, but only to find another dead end and disappointment. Other routes? Yes, you’ve tried them all; the route of new job, new town, new friends, new hobby, new entertainment, new this, and new that. You even went so far as to try the route of “church” or “religion”, but that didn’t work either. The maze of life; there’s only one route or path through it that leads to contentment and happiness. Want to know what it is, the solution to the maze? OK, here it is. . . .


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