Salvation and Eternal Security

excerpt from the gospel tract:

“Can I be saved from my sins? And if I do get saved, what happens if I sin again? Will I lose my salvation?” Have you ever had these questions, or similar ones on your mind? Did you know that it is possible for any person to know how to be saved, and then to have the assurance of that salvation and eternal security (eternal salvation)? That’s right! You can know right now how to be saved for all eternity. Want to know? Good! Here’s how. . . .


So many people do not understand the biblical doctrine of eternal security. The PFBP Gospel tract “Salvation and Eternal Security” gives a brief but biblical presentation of this subject. So many people have a “I think so” I may be saved mentality, but they lack any real assurance. Many well known Bible teachers (so-called) have the “I think so” idea; God’s Word is absolute on a “I know so”understanding of salvation and eternal security.


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