Why Christmas?

The Gospel Tract, “Why Christmas?” is a 6-page tract that answers the question. The following is from the tract:

“There seems to be a great misunderstanding about Christmas; there are all sorts of ideas about it, so it should not be a surprise if someone asked the question, “Why Christmas?”  In a small tract like this it’s difficult to go into any great detail about Christmas, so I shall be brief and condense it.
In the world of marketing and retail sales, Christmas is all about sales: play the seasonal music, advertise and advertise some more, and entice people to spend money.  Gifts are nice to give and receive but that is NOT what Christmas is about.
For some people, Christmas should not be celebrated by Christians, but that does not hinder them from accepting the gifts others give them. One of the arguments put forth is the Christmas tree and its alleged pagan origin.  Then there are those who argue about the date Christmas is traditionally celebrated in America. (There are some good arguments for and against December 25.)  In some countries the Christmas celebration date is other than December 25.  The fact of the matter is, the exact date is not nearly as important the actual event, and that brings us to the question, “Why Christmas?”

This tract is available for a gift of $2.00 per 100 copies, plus postage. It is an excellent tool for witnessing during the Christmas season.

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