Salted Oats

salted oats gospel tractPerhaps you have heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Even though that saying is old and worn and has become trite, still it is a truth. A farmer brings the horse to the watering trough, but it just stands there. He may do everything in his power to get that stubborn horse to drink; however, if that horse is not ready to drink, he won’t, no matter what the farmer does. On the other hand, if the farmer were to salt the horse’s oats, the horse then being thirsty would want to drink the water.

When we think of the need for lost sinners to receive Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, we know that there is absolutely nothing we ourselves can do to save the sinner, or to convince him of his need of salvation. Sometimes Christians use their best efforts to convince the lost person of the need for salvation, but to no avail. Though the Christian may be sincere in these efforts, he is without power to convince or save anyone. We learn from Jude 15 that it is the Lord Himself who does the convincing. It is no more possible for Christians to convince someone of his need of salvation than it is to give him the faith to be saved.

Someone may say, “There goes one of my converts.” If that person were truly saved, . . .


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