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members only“Discrimination! I’m being discriminated against!” More and more we are hearing this cry, or one similar to it. Boys want to be allowed to play on an all-girl team, and girls insist on being accepted on an otherwise all-male team. Organizations and clubs that were traditionally all-male have been ordered by the courts to accept women into their ranks. More and more exclusion from clubs, organizations, sports teams, the work place, etc., because of race, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation is being viewed as not” politically correct.” Refusal to rent a dwelling to a homosexual or lesbian, or to give employment to one is viewed as illegal and discriminatory. Churches have even been known to be sued because they discriminated and refused to hire someone whose lifestyle was contrary to beliefs of the respective church. Those who refuse to yield to the advancement of the new “politically correct” way of thinking are threatened with court action. The time is coming and, yea, now is upon us that all those who would live Godly in this present evil world can expect, and will receive persecution from all quarters of life. However, come what may, there is one area of discrimination that society, government, and the judicial system cannot, and will not change. They can pass and enforce all the laws they want, but they can’t change it! They can threaten all they want, but it will not do any good. They are without any power whatsoever to change it! And what may that be? WHO GOES TO HEAVEN! . . .


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