Genuine Gospel Or Fools Gold

genuine gospel tractGOLD! A much sought after soft, yellow precious metal that for many centuries has been the monetary standard. GOLD has been and is used for a variety of things such as money, jewelry, dental, decoration, plated coating, paint, and much more. GOLD is so valuable that some people will do almost anything to get it, no matter what the cost may be. There’s just no limit to what they will do for GOLD!  They will try to buy it, steal it, prospect for it, risk their lives or the lives of others in getting it, or they will even kill for it: strangers, friends, or family, it matters not!  Once they have it, they will do everything possible to protect it, while living in fear that another person will try to take it from them.

There’s another kind of gold that, at first glance, looks like real gold but when examined more closely it turns out to be pyrite. Pyrite has another name; the nickname “fool’s gold” because it looks so much like the real thing, which it is not. Many miners and prospectors thought they had found GOLD, but they did not. What they actually found was “fool’s gold.” How disappointed they must have been, especially after all the hard work that had been done and money wasted. How sad it must have been!

When we think of the religions of the world today, basically we have the same problem.  . . .


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