Abortion Is Murder

Someone once said that “A rose by any other name is still a rose,” and so it is. It is not uncommon to change the name of something to make it fit or conform to what we want it to be. In the world of political correctness (PC) calling something for what it really is will be met with scorn. Telling a lie is not lying, it’s just a failure to tell the truth. Running a red traffic light is just a failure to yield, being a drunkard is now substance abuse, illegal aliens are undocumented immigrants, chairman has been changed to chairperson, and so the PC mentality goes.

When it comes to abortion, the taking of the life of the unborn, it is a pro-choice matter. Those in favor of “pro-choice” claim that a woman has a right to do with her body what she wants, and that the unborn child is not a person but just a fetus, a piece of unwanted tissue if you will. Governments around the world have given their approval for the abortion process, some even permitting a partial birth abortion. A partial birth abortion takes place as the infant is being born but before it is completely out of the womb. A rose by any other name is still a rose, and murder by any other name is still murder, no matter what the PC people or world governments say or call it. Every abortionist is guilty of murder of the unborn, and every person who assists the abortionist is guilty of being an accomplice of the crime, and all of these people will one day answer to a thrice holy God for what they have done. Someone may ask, “On what authority are such brash statements made?” The answer to this is simple, the Word of God that is forever settled in heaven! Consider a few verses from the Bible and what God has to say about infants as the unborn. . . .

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