The Christ of Christmas

Christmas Gospel Tract


It hardly seems possible, but another year is about to pass by, and as it does the attention of everyone turns to the festive activities. The main attraction, of course, is Christmas. As we enter the stores, we see just about everything a person could possibly need for Christmas. The music of Christmas fills the air. Those holiday plans that have been in the making will soon be realized. Boys and girls, and yes, men and women are beginning to get excited! The closer Christmas comes, the more the excitement mounts! Christmas Day is fast approaching and we are frantically engaged in last minute details – last minute shopping, gifts to wrap, baking to be done, tree to be put up – will we ever be ready for Christmas? But somehow we make it and that eventful morning dawns. The children are up early and tearing open their gifts as Mom and Dad watch and take pictures. The day is filled with fun and games, visiting friends and relatives, Christmas dinner, etc. But just a moment! Didn’t we forget something? Could it be, that in spite of our carefully made plans, something obvious was overlooked? . . .


This tract is available for a contribution of $2.00 per 100 plus postage.

This tract is available in the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. Ukrainian

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