Ecumenism – The Generic Religion

More and more there is a concerted effort to make all religions blend into one, world wide religion; even some people who claim to be saved are being swept into this.

Gospel Tract Excerpt:

generic religionIn the 1970’s supermarkets began carrying what is known as “generic products.” The items included canned goods, coffee, tea, dehydrated soups, animal food, paper goods, and much more. A generic item is easily recognized by the plain, black and white label on the container it comes in. The colorful packaging and distinctives of the brand name manufacturer have been discarded in the generic product line, leaving allgeneric goods with a look-a-like appearance. When the distinctive label is removed from the container, the brand name goes into oblivion and all that remains is a common, indistinguishable item. To the generic line, distinctives do not exist. In the ecclesiastical realm, the ecumenical movement is to religion what thegeneric line is to consumer products. . . .


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