Real Peace In A Troubled World

The Berlin wall has come down, and the Communist barbed wire and guard posts are gone. We are told that Communism is dead, and that those countries and people once under Communist rule are now free. We’re told that the world is at peace, so they say. The truth of the matter is that the world is NOT at peace. In 1994 American armed forces were sent to Haiti. In Rwanda Hutu and Tutu slaughtered each other. In Bosnia the country is destroyed by ethnic fighting. Iraq rattles its war sabers while Israelis are being shot at by their foes and murdered by homicide bombers. And so the list grows and goes. Thepresident of the United States sends forth his Secretary of State of negotiate peace while dispatching the military to enforce it. The fact is, world peace just does not exist – it cannot in a world so ravaged by sin! It’s no wonder that individual people and whole nations are in constant turmoil. But don’t despair, friend, for peace, that quietness and rest, is possible in this present world of chaos. . . .



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