Are You Thankful?


are you thankfulAt this time of year, people have mainly one thing on their mind: Turkey Dinner. Most people have their Thanksgiving traditions, whether it be family gatherings over dinner, sharing reasons for being thankful, or the annual Thanksgiving Day Family Football Game in the back yard (yes, my family is guilty of that one!) Most everyone has their annual customs – be it with immediate family, close friends, or distant relatives you are able to see because of the holidays.

During the Thanksgiving season, some people take time to reflect on their lives and point out the things they are thankful for. You might hear, “I’m thankful for my job,” or “my health,” or “my family.” “I’m thankful to live in a free country.” “I’m thankful for my new car/house/boat.” Yes, as Americans we all have many things to be thankful for. There are many countries that don’t have our freedoms. Freedoms to live how and where we want, work in a nice environment, worship the way we choose, vote for our leaders. Yes, we do have many reasons to be thankful. . . .


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