Poems From the Heart – Vol. 2

I am pleased to announce that my new book, Poems From the Heart – Vol. 2, is now in stock and available for ordering from the ministry web site at pfbaptistpress.org. The book has also been uploaded to amazon.com for the Kindle. The book is a collection of approximately 75 poems written by your truly. In addition to the poems, there are quite a few full-color pictures to go along with them as well as Scripture verses, quotes from other sources, and different sayings all to compliment the respective poem. My good friend Dr. Allen P. Dickerson wrote the foreword for the book; the forewords reads as follows:

Bro. Richard Ciarrocca, a dear friend in the Lord and brother in Christ, has asked me to write the forward to his book. I first met Brother Richard a number of years ago while I was preaching in a Fundamental Bible Conference in West Hartford, Connecticut. Our paths crossed again when Brother Richard was helping to put together a Fundamental Preachers Conference in eastern Maine. I was invited to preach there and our friendship has grown over the years. Brother Richard was in the process of establishing a fundamental Baptist printing ministry. He called me and talked about the possibility of basing his ministry in Elkton, Maryland at the Maranatha Baptist Church. I told Brother Richard: “Sure, come on! We’ll find a place for you!” It has been my privilege as I pastored for fifty-eight years at the Maranatha Baptist Church to see the ministry of Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press grow. Brother Richard has written many tracts & booklets, prints them in many languages, provides many services to missionaries and churches & makes his tracts available to others at a very reasonable cost. Brother Richard has a great heart for Missions. He makes at least three missions trips a year to travel to Central America to take thousands of pieces of Gospel literature and to get involved in the ministries of the missionaries that he is visiting (preaching, teaching, building, soul-winning and distributing literature). I know that this book by Brother Richard Ciarrocca will be a great blessing to you and yours.

Dr. Allen P. Dickerson