Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press (PFBP) does everything it can to keep keep down costs; the requested contribution for literature is just enough to cover the actual cost of producing it. When the actual materials and labor are factored in, the ministry loses money. The missionary printer for the ministry does NOT take a pay check from PFBP; he has raised all of his support just like any other missionary so the work he does in the print shop printing the literature is done for free. When it comes to shipping the literature, the ministry is at the mercy of the US postal system (USPO). The ministry tries to find the most economical way of sending the literature that is requested; however, the options are few. A few years ago the USPO established new guidelines for what qualifies as “media mail;” it use to be that Gospel tracts qualified for this, but under the new guidelines it no longer does. What all of this translates into is higher mailing costs and, unfortunately, we have found that potential customers do not want to cover this. Such was the case with a literature that was received on 18 July. Once the customer found out the mailing costs, he canceled the order. Since the ministry already operates bare bones, it cannot afford to cover the mailing costs. This is unfortunate but that is the way it is. Hopefully everyone will understand.