Thank You OfficerOn 12 August a NEW Gospel tract was added to the Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press inventory. This new tract was written specifically for law enforcement personnel. The purpose of the tract is to let law enforcement personnel know that they AND their families are appreciated for the services they perform in and for the respective community. The tract also talks about salvation and how to be saved. The last two paragraphs read as follows:    My friend, as a police officer, I do not know who you are or where you are serving but this one thing I do know, your service to the respective community is greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you very much for your service and, a special thank you to your family for sharing you with the community. I do not know if you know my Jesus as your personal Saviour but, if you do not, then I would in the humblest way possible, encourage you to repent and trust Him today – before it becomes eternally too late. I sure would like to see you in Heaven one day!
Thank you for serving as a law enforcement officer and for taking the time to read this little pamphlet.
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