New Color Digital Press

Recently the ministry was able to purchase Color Digital Press and some literature items have already been printed with it; the new Gospel tract, “The Christmas Myth” is an example of this. In all likelihood, most of the single color tracts will continue to be printed on the Ryobi 2-color press; however, plans are for the multicolor tracts to be printed on the digital press. The nickname for the digital press is “The Beast.” The single color tracts that have graphics that would ordinarily be in color, these will also be printed on the Beast since they will look better. As the current stock of tracts are used up and subsequent printing are done, there may be a change in the requested contribution amount. If that happens, then the prices will be changed for the respective item(s). The requested contribution amount reflects the actual cost of the product; ink, paper, plates (for what is printed on the Ryobi), etc. This ministry is very much a non-profit ministry and it is only because of its faithful supporters that it is able to operate the way it does.